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Programme Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Artificial Intelligence
School/ Department School of Computing and Information Sciences
Programme Code BSAI
Duration and Mode of Study 4-year full-time programme
Medium of Instruction English
Qualification Frameworks QF Level: 5
QR Registration No.: 20/000382/L5
Registration Validity Period: 01/09/2020 – 31/08/2025
Others There are subsidized places under the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP) in the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Artificial Intelligence. A subsidy of HK$44,950 will be provided to each eligible student in 2023/24 academic year. Applicants are required to apply for admission to the SSSDP programme via JUPAS (JUPAS Code: JSSA04)
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Media coverage

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(香港01)明愛專上學院開AI課程 扣除政府資助後學費可低至5000多元
(星島)明專全港首辦 人工智能自資學士
(明報)明專增翻譯科技學士課程 結合翻譯電腦技術 DSE滿14分派3萬獎學金


Why BScAI at Caritas?

We are the first (and only) Catholic Institution offering BScAI;
with Catholic values and
taught by caring staff with diverse expertise and passion;
Staff: 2 IEEE Fellows,
Doctorate from:
HKU, CUHK, TsingHua, Imperial College London, Waterloo, Maryland, New Castle;
IT industry experience include:
ATT Bell Labs, Huawei USA, IETF standards, 5G Wireless;
the AI programme is useful to many professions, with many dream job options, in a rewarding career

Why Catholic values in science and technology? 

The gifts of human intelligence have enabled many innovations and tools in AI, IT, and design that continues to improve and affect human lives tremendously. Yet these powerful tools may also be misused such as in addiction, in pornography, in the culture of death, and in fierce competitions to prosper at the expense of defeating others. Authentic Catholic teaching encourages to live out Christian faith of love, care and helping each other in the use of high-tech in one's profession in life in serving other people and the common good of the society.

Dean's Message

Prof CHAN Hing Hung Anthony, IEEE Fellow
School of Computing and Information Sciences

Both BSc (Honors) in Artificial Intelligence and BSc (Honors) in Digital Entertainment Technology are in fast growth areas with many jobs and career options. Students will be equipped with fundamentals in computing and information science, and will learn AI or design from basic concepts, technologies, and applications in many fields. The expertise of our staff spans diverse and important areas including machine learning, deep learning, digital entertainment, multimedia, data science, design, Internet, communication network, standards, and ICT industry. Being active in research in these areas, our staff pay attention to ease of understanding and care for students in teaching.

Computing and information technologies are the enables to become a professional to innovate, create and design new and more useful products and services to improve human. New technologies in artificial intelligence, multimedia, virtual reality, and cloud have arisen, and newer technologies will continue to emerge. It is interesting to acquire and appreciate such new knowledge with opportunities to innovate as such a professional in demand globally.

I have enjoyed such an exciting career myself, having worked in both industry and academia overseas and having changed area of expertise multiple times as needs in industry changes. I intend to nurture students with understanding of the industry and with capability to take up new challenges to contribute to the society professionally and ethically.

My motto: I do not possess anything; all I have is only borrowed from God so that I may serve others.

Programme Objectives

The program aims to nurture students to become AI professionals and related industries. The Program Objectives are: