Wong Chun Long Augustine

Wong Chun Long Augustine

Graduate of Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) - Psychology (2019)

Studying Master of Science in Educational Speech-Language Pathology and Learning Disabilities (EdUHK)

Few years ago, I never expected myself to be able to gain a bachelor’s degree. Thanks to a psychologist who introduced me to CIHE. I was a student with low self-esteem and always regard myself as a failure. But with the encouragement from my teachers and professors I met here, I managed to complete this journey successfully. Thank God that whenever I knelt down in the chapel and cried out for help, He comforted me. Thank every teacher I met, especially my professors from the psychology team, who have been willing to spend their life for the growth of students and guided us to the way of success.

Recalling of what I have learnt in my studies here, everything is applicable in both my life and my job. More than that, I got to know more about myself, rebuilt my own self-esteem, geared up and got ready to delicate my life for the needy.

Time flies, and all of us will continue on our own life journey. I am pursuing my study in the field of speech therapy, in which I may encounter many more new difficulties ahead. I believe I am ready in terms of preparation and confidence to deal with all new challenges. I look forward to make good contribution to the society and help more people in need in the future. “When life is too hard to stand, kneel.”

Cheung Vanessa Hoi Mei

Cheung Hoi Mei Vanessa 

Graduate of Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) - Psychology (2017)

Completed Master of Social Sciences in Applied Psychology (CityU)

Over the years of my studies in Caritas Institute of Higher Education, my life is never regretted. At the beginning, I had only little interest in psychology. Today, I can tell I really love the subject. With my teachers' encouragement, assistance and love, I determine psychologist to be my career. I will devote my life to studying psychology. In the learning process, I know how to learn from failure. My teachers' timely assistance and selfless care helped me to learn from experience and strengthened my passion in psychology.

Chan Hau Wun

Chan Hau Wun

Graduate of Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) - Psychology (2016)

First things first, I have to say thank you to all of my lecturers, classmates and people I met in Caritas Institute of Higher Education. After learning different aspects of psychological knowledge, I am able to apply them in my workplace: such as effective communication with co-workers, and developing good relationship with clients. Also, it is such a crucial inspiration to my personal growth after finishing the programme. The most significant influence in my life is the change in the way I perceive the world. Sometimes it is hard for us to control what happen in our life, but the way we perceive it. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!