The Department of Social Sciences in Caritas Bianchi College of Careers was established in 2016 in response to the fast-changing education system of Hong Kong and also to the internal restructuring exercise of the Caritas Higher Education services.

Staff members of the Department aspire to maintain a strong linkage with the professional sector such that students are able to gain exposure with the current development within the field. An interactive learning approach is adopted to facilitate students to be self-initiated learners. Through the close teacher-student relationship cultivated, staff members are expected to identify the needs of the students and design the course content that fit their learning aspirations. In order to help students to maximize their learning experience, both formal and informal learning are being employed in designing the curriculum. Students are given chances to explore their own learning objectives and testify their theories in the actual setting. It is our commitment that staff of the Department must be ready to support our students to overcome the obstacles in their study and maintain the quality of our graduates. On-going improvement and the ability to think critically are essential core values of the Department.