The School is committed to providing students with holistic education by offering Social Sciences programmes to foster students' intellectual and personal developments. The teaching staff are well-experienced in various areas of Social Sciences, including Social Work, Sociology, Psychology and Cultural Studies. They aspire to remarkable achievement of scholarly and professional development and are dedicated to promoting the intellectual and moral well-being of students.

The School also maintains a good network of professionals and potential employers in the social service field, with the aim to provide effective support for students and increase graduates' employment opportunities. The close contact which the School maintains with local and overseas higher education institutions provides more opportunities for graduates to advance their studies.

School Motto

"Our School aims at preparing our students to be BRIGHT and STRONG.

We will use our lives to light up those of others.

We will display the strengths of self-confidence, self-reliance, and independence.

Withstand adversity; Look beyond moments of loss;

Have faith in our beliefs when alone.

Be Bright! Be Strong!"

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