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                    BSc in                                  values                    with diverse expertise
   Digital Entertainment                                                            & passion 

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        IT             Multimedia       VR, AR          Design          AI

                           have many dream job options
                       and are useful to many professions

                                  in a rewarding career

Combining IT, Design, AI:

The School, established before 1999, provides a well-rounded education in computing/information, multimedia, virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR), design, and artificial intelligence (AI), which addresses the needs of the society with the fast changing global industry. The research interests and expertise of our staff span over a diverse set of current and emerging technologies, with combined experiences from industry and academia.

Many dream job options:

Computer and information technologies have influenced almost every product/service in human life and have been useful in many professions in the Information Age. The impact will be more profound as we move towards the Intelligence Age. The job market will therefore continue to be in demand.

Useful to many professions:

Because digitization can help in many other areas, collaboration in both research and curriculum development with other Schools is strong. In particular, collaboration in Artificial Intelligence with Design, Business and Hospitality Management, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, and Languages is being established. The need in product/services are diverse, so that one can work for many different applications and have the flexibility to move to other professions in one's career.

Rewarding career:

The gift of intelligence have enabled human beings to invent and develop new technologies and many powerful tools. While technologies have sometimes been misused to do harm, moral values and social responsibilities call us to better serve the society as we learn to master new technologies and to develop new and value-adding services and products. We strive to motivate students through education to lead a career that, in addition to making a living, is also able to contribute to the common good, which in itself can be very rewarding.


Local AR/VR industry

ICE Production

GO VR Immersive

Info City I.T. Consulting (HK ITC Award 2018 Winner - Gold Award)

Multiway Creative

AVA Tech (HK ITC Award 2018 Winner - Silver Award)

Motive Force (R&D and commercialization of enterprise grade immersive CAVE technology) 


Creative designers, innovators, programmers and engineers by Shopping Plus

Established over 20 years ago, the School of Computing and Information Sciences is one of the five schools that supports the plethora of multi-disciplinary courses taken by all degree and sub-degree students at CIHE and CBCC. Our faculty members' expertise spans a diverse range of topics, including but not limited to the following:

Additionally the School of Computing and information Sciences offers the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Digital Entertainment. In line with the Hong Kong government's support for the development of technological innovation as well as the creative industry, our programme is selected as part of the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions (SSSDP), which provides government subsidy to all eligible students. The tuition fee for 2019-20 intake after the deduction of the $41,700 subsidy under the Scheme is $34,610 per year.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Digital Entertainment

Developed with meeting the needs of the industry in mind, our one of a kind programme is devoted to nurturing well-rounded professionals that are career-ready in our ever evolving digital age. Composed of approximately 60% in computer sciences training and 40% in design training, our curriculum provides students with the necessary skills, knowledge and opportunity to widen their exposure in the fields of technical programming as well as visual and graphics design; both of which are crucial in their becoming a successful digital product specialist.

Students will be presented with copious opportunities to explore the wide range of specialization within the digital fields, such as:


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