In an age like ours when innovations and re-adjusting in any industry or field are the order of the day, being versatile and equipped with a broad base of knowledge, high adaptability, high level of communication and language skills, are indispensable qualities for anyone to succeed in any workplace environment. Through our ever expanding programmes and curricula, the School of Humanities and Languages brings together academic excellence and global awareness, while equipping students with the skills and knowledge that are critical in becoming sophisticated global citizens in today's fast-paced, ever-evolving, complex and globalized society.

Currently, the School offers the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language and Liberal Studies and the Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

The BA (Hons) in Language and Liberal Studies
Intersecting language, literature and the humanities, the degree offers 3 streams of concentration:

  1. Bilingual Studies
  2. Chinese and Philosophy
  3. English and Communication
Through subjects such as linguistics, communications and philosophy, students will graduate with a broad knowledge base and understanding of the world. Graduates will possess the ability to process, interpret, synthesize and evaluate information through an analytical lens; skills that are highly sought after, both in the workplace and academic settings. In this world where specialists seems to be the trend, our graduates who are "Generalists" will bring about the balance and make imperative contributions to complement the "Specialists".  Graduates can potentially work in these areas.

Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education
The two-year programme will equip students with an in-depth understanding of the roles and responsibilities of early childhood educators. Throughout the course, students will learn to analyze the current cultural, social, political and economic factors that affects the development of early childhood education in Hong Kong. Coupled with our school's commitment to professionalism and moral ethics, graduates will be able to readily identify children's diverse needs and develop suitable strategies and approaches to their learning process.

Graduates are eligible to register as:

  1. Qualified Kindergarten Teachers (QKT)
  2. Child Care Workers (CCW)
  3. Child Care Supervisors (CCS)
  4. Special Child Care Workers (SCCW)

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